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3 Types of people on Easter

Aw cute, easter bunnies and chocolate and fuzzy ducklings, and tulips (but realistically half snow covered sandy pavement with a little bit of dead grass). Easter and spring and basically pastel season is upon us. Anyways, here are the three types of people (excluding the people that actually go to church and stuff) that emerge […]

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Replace Hate

Yesterday was the anniversary of 20 years since the Rwandan genocide. Such pain and suffering is unimaginable to me. I was saying to my friend that, jeez, this happened just before I was born. Crazy how it wasn’t that long ago. I saw posts across the internet, mostly containing the words ‘Never Again.’ My heart […]


Spring Cleaning!

Since spring is (hopefully) upon us, the weather is getting warmer, the sun is up longer, and the days are spent outdoors enjoying the sunshine. Spring is all about freshness, including your closet. That’s right, spring cleaning is almost, or already here! The shift from winter wear to spring wear is here, and i’m sure […]

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Being Vegan: With Melissa

Today’s post is by a friend of mine, Melissa! We’ve never actually met in person, but thanks to our shared passion for social justice, we met through Facebook, and have been friends ever since! Check her out on Instagram for inspiration!¬† If you are an average Canadian that consumes both meat and dairy products on […]

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Life’s BIG Questions: Happiness

Let me tell you. I think March just sucks the life out of everyone. It seems like most people are having some winter blues, and just dying for summer to get here already. I enjoyed writing about Life’s Big questions a couple weeks ago, so thought i’d do it again, this time on HAPPINESS (cause […]

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Instagram made me curious…

Some offices are cooler than others. Here are 5 ethical companies that I want to snoop around. I want to see if their offices, staff, and work ethic are as rad as their mission statements. My interests have a main part to do with pictures posted by them on Instagram.. and since we are stuck […]


The Monster Monsanto

To continue sort of with why bees are quickly disappearing, I wanted to do a quick simple post on a monster. This monster is scarier than the ones lurking¬†in your closet, or in the shadows of your basement, because this monster is real. Monsanto is the mastermind behind most pesticides and genetically engineered seeds (GMO) […]


Bees & Beyonce.

As much as I want summer to be upon us, like, right now, I know when summer rolls around, i’m going to hide in my house because I won’t want to face the swaths of mosquitoes, black flies, hornets and bumblebees all just carelessly flying around. (Do they have to aim for my face all […]


Love and Soul Pancake

Hello you luminous stardust being with self awareness, Soul Pancake. If you haven’t heard of this incredible Youtube channel, you’ve been using the internet incorrectly. I’d say that this amazing Youtube channel is like the sliver of sunshine on a really bad day that makes you think, huh, yeah, being alive is really fan-freaking-tastic. Here […]